October 5, 2020  / Haas Lake Park Administration

To our Haas Lake Park RV Campground campers,

On Saturday, October 17 from 11 am to 6 pm Haas Lake Park is taking reservations for the 2021 camping season by telephone.  Also on the 17th the “Request for Reservation” form (website) will be available as of 11 am.  No in-person reservations will be permitted. 

We regret we will not have in-person reservations.  One reason is our limited ability to service individuals while adhering to COVID-19 protocols.  The other reason has been our inability to hire the staff necessary to service our front desk this camping year.

On October 17 staff will begin to answer the phones at 11 am.  The “Request for Reservation” button will be active on our website,, at 11 am also.  Please note that phone calls will have our staff members’ full attention until 6 pm.  Reservation requests submitted via our website will be reviewed as soon as possible (which may be Monday the 19th or thereafter).  Note, our office is closed on Sunday, October 18.

Any messages for 2021 reservations left on our answering machine or sent via email with a time before 11 am on October 17 will be deleted.  Messages on our answering machine and sent via email after 11 am on October 17 will be reviewed as soon as staff is able.  Please be patient with us, we will be trying our best to complete your requests as soon as we are able.

The 2021 campsite rates are posted on our website, .  Below the rates are the dates for holiday weekend reservations to be a minimum of three nights.

To expedite the reservation process it is important to have the following information when calling or sending a reservation request for yourself and all others for whom you are making a reservation:

Telephone number
Email address
Camping unit information:  type, length, and amperage (30 or 50)
Specific dates for each reservation
Payment information *

•  Reservations of one-month or less are to be paid in full at time of making your reservation.  There will not be any holding period to make payment; payment must be made at time of reservation.

•  All reservations will have a non-refundable booking fee of $3.50 per reservation.

We look forward to assisting you with your 2021 camping season plans.  


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